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Google & Facebook Ads will put your company in front of your specific prospect consumer.


Increase Ads

Local Ads - Google's & Facebook's Newest Powerful Ad Platform

Local Services Ads allows you to advertise your services on Google & Facebook and receive direct leads from potential customers. These leads arrive in the form of phone calls, website appointments and messages.

How impactful are Ads? Google & Facebook ads reach local clients that are looking for your specific local products or services. Google & Facebook ads are able to do this because they offers Enhanced Campaigns that enable users to target consumers with keywords for your specific niche, and consumers in particular postal codes, preventing your business from spending money on consumers who don’t live locally.

In addition to obtaining new clients from your Google Ad & Facebook Ads, here are some reasons Google Ads are so beneficial to Local Businesses.


  1. Builds Your Brand Awareness
  2. Drives More Sales
  3. It’s Faster Than SEO
  4. It Secures Brand Name Searches
  5. It’s Measurable
  6. It’s Scalable
  7. Great Return on Investment 
  8. Your Competitors Are Using Google Ads


Knowing how your website or social media content is performing is the key to understanding what you need to do to increase your performance.  Increase DMA will perform an online analysis free of charge and explain how your business is performing. We will provide information that is vital to your online growth. 

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